DWI Program
The Catron County DWI Program is under the guidance of certified preventionist, Deborah Boyer.  

Mission Statement
To work within Catron County to change people's attitudes toward alcohol use and driving under the influence.

About the Program
The DWI Program  provides prevention programs to educate the youth on the long-term effects of underage drinking and substance abuse.  The Program has an active role in individual's arrested and provides pre-trial services for both the District Court and Magistrate Court.  The Program oversees offenders, including DWI and Misdemeanor offenses, that are convicted and receive probation as a portion of the sentencing.  

The Program provides information and education on enabling individual to break the cycle of substance abuse.  Through the program we can help individuals find treatment options, aid with attaining a GED, provide life skill training, and family therapy.

Our goal, as we try to prevent underage drinking and DWI, is to keep Catron County safe for all residents by eliminating impaired drivers and alcohol related fatalities.  

For more information please contact Deborah Boyer at the following:

Catron County DWI Program
17 Foster Lane
Reserve, NM 87830