About Us
Our Mission:
The mission of the Catron County Sheriff's Office is to protect life and property and to serve the citizens and visitors in our County, with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe place to live, work, and play.  We are committed to protecting, defending, and serving all people by emphasizing partnerships with businesses and individuals in order to investigate and deter criminal acts and to identify acts that harm or threaten our County and its occupants. 

The Catron County Sheriff's Office is comprised of the Sheriff's Office, the Catron County PSAP, or Dispatch, Catron County Detention Center, Wolf Interaction Investigation, and Emergency Management.   Our agency has 8 Law Enforcement officers (Sheriff and Undersheriff included), 2 civilians, and 8 Public Safety Telecommunicators.   
We serve a population of about 3,700 people and cover an area of 6,929 square miles.

Sheriff Keith Hughes has been in office as the Sheriff since July 2021.